Our Location

Pine Haven Resort is located 7 miles south of Longville and 13 miles east of Hackensack. We are 185 miles north of the Twin Cities, 60 miles north of Brainerd and are centrally located between Fargo-Moorhead and Duluth, approximately 135 miles from either location.

Directions from Minneapolis/St. Paul

  1. Pine Haven Resort is located 185 miles north of the Twin Cities.
  2. Take I-694 W or I-494 W, merge onto I-94 W/US-52 N via the exit on the left toward St. Cloud. [38 miles]
  3. Take the MN-24 exit (exit number 178) toward Annandale/Clearwater.
  4. Turn RIGHT onto MN-24. [4 miles]
  5. Turn LEFT onto US-10 W. [44 miles]
  6. Outside of Little Falls Merge onto MN-371 N, follow through Brainerd. [56 miles]
  7. At Pine River turn right onto Barclay Ave/MN-84/COUNTY D. Continue to follow MN-84. [3 miles]
  8. Turn LEFT onto MN-84/S INTER COUNTY B. [16 miles]
  9. At Mule Lake Store turn LEFT onto CR-11. [1 mile]
  10. At top of hill on left bend turn left on 4th Ave into Pine Haven Resort.

Have you found your cabin?